Lab photos

Konza bison in the way
Bison family in our research plots at the Konza Prairie
Konza Brian scouting sites
Brian Spiesman in a sea of bee balm
Konza Jess and turtle
Jess saving turtles on the road at Konza
TLI Savannah pollinator obs
Savannah checking out pollinators at the Land Institute
TLI tour
Ebony Murrell and Edy Chérémond showing us around at the Land Institute
Trekking to site after heavy rainfall
Sampling at the Land Institute.  Yes, we received a lot of rain this summer!
WI Ben and Claudio and sweep sampling
Claudio Gratton and Ben Iuliano checking out insects from sweep net samples in WI prairies
WI Ben and Gabby
Gabby and Ben heading out to the forest patch for insect sampling.
WI Gabby and friend
Gabby making friends with a landowners dog
WI Gabby and Jackson and sweep sampling
Jackson and Gabby checking out insect samples
WI Jackson and sticky trap
Jackson sets up sticky cards to capture lady beetles
WI scouting setup
The WI crew trying to figure out what to do


Mallinger Visit
Wading through the creek with Brian and Dr. Rachel Mallinger from the University of Florida