Lab News

October 21, 2019: Insect sampling at the Konza Prairie is finally over!  Congrats to Jess and Savannah for their hard work in the field!

Jess and quadrat


Sept 4, 2019: Our good friend, Dr. Rachel Mallinger visited us from the University of Florida.  Rachel spoke about scale-dependent factors that affect pollination services by bees in sunflower, apple, and blueberries.

Mallinger Visit

August 23, 2019: Well it’s been a very busy summer with field work, travel, and settling into the lab.  Jess has been hard at work collecting data for her Master’s project. Hannah arrived this week and finishing up a project with JP Michaud examining how prey diversity influence lady beetle fitness.  Marco also arrived recently in late July and has been working in Rob’s lab in preparation for his PhD research.  Tania has been busy travelling to WI for field work, starting new field projects in KS at the Land Institute and the Konza Prairie, and preparing for a new Insect Ecology grad course.  Sad that the summer is almost over but excited for a new academic year!

April 29, 2019:  The Kim lab welcomes 3 new students (Jessica Butters, Hannah Stowe, and Marco Ponce) to start in Summer/Fall 2019. The Kim lab is slowly growing! Stay tuned for post-doc news!

April 6, 2019: We survived our first open house at K-State!  It was a beautiful day to showcase our pollinator conservation research and bumble and honey bee colonies!  Thanks to Nikki Bowman from the Konza Beekeeper Association for helping out.  Here is Savannah and a mesmerized 7-yr old.

Open House

February 20, 2019: A global synthesis disentangles the effects of land use change on pollinators, natural enemies, and crop yield through their effects on insect abundance and richness. Check out our preprint.

Jan 22, 2019: Interested in how insects impact plant health? If so, then apply for a paid research and extension internship  through the Plant Pathology Department.  The stipend is $4900 for the summer (May 29-July 26, 2019).  Deadline is Feb 18, 2019.

Jan 13, 2019: Happy New Year!  January and February will be very busy in the Kim Lab.  First, I will at the University of KY to give two talks, start teaching a new undergrad course (Economic Entomology), participating in two beekeeping boot camps, host prospective students who will be visiting my lab, AND I have agreed to give two more talks in Biology and Plant Pathology this semester! Ack!! Super excited but a little overwhelmed!  When is spring break??

Dec 6, 2018: Madison Lofing presented her research at the Undergrad Research Symposium on Dec 6.  Madison examined whether flower morphology affected honey bee visitation rates.  She found that honey bees preferred composite flowers over non-composites but that there was also preference for certain plant species.  Way to go Madison on your first independent research project!

Nov 7, 2018: The Kim lab is heading to the Entomological Society of America meeting in Vancouver, BC.  Tania will be presenting a poster on Tuesday 11/12 entitled “Using Next Generation Sequencing to Determine Predator-Prey Associations” while Brian Spiesman will be presenting a poster on Tuesday as well entitled “Temporal variability & complementarity of resources in the landscape: Modeling the consequences for predators and their prey”.  Come by and say ‘”Hi!”

Oct 9, 2018: Our ant diversity paper entitled “Disturbance differentially affects alpha and beta diversity of ants in tallgrass prairies” is finally published in Ecosphere!  We found that harvesting grasslands had contrasting effects on local (alpha) diversity of ants and species turnover (beta-diversity) suggesting trade-offs in maintaining different forms of diversity.

Sept 7, 2018: I currently have funding for a Master’s or PhD student to start Fall 2019 (or Spring 2019 at the earliest).  Highly motivated students interested in landscape ecology, community ecology, plant-insect interactions, agro-ecology, or conservation, should contact me during fall 2018 for 2019 enrollment. See here for more information.

I currently do not have funding for postdoctoral research but am willing to write grant proposals with prospective postdoc.  Please see opportunities page for more details.

Sept 6, 2018: Are you an undergrad interested in gaining research experience?  If so, check out the Undergrad Research Experience in Entomology program!

Aug 16: The Kim lab was awarded two USDA grants. Grant #1: In collaboration with Claudio Gratton (UW Madison) and Brian Spiesman (KSU), we will examine how spatio-temporal heterogeneity in prey resources affect predator population dynamics in ag landscapes in WI. Grant #2: In collaboration with Ebony Murrell (The Land Institute) and Brian Spiesman (KSU), we will examine how border crops affect predators and pollinators in KS.

Interested in helping out? Check out the opportunities page for details on how to get involved.

Aug 1, 2018: Honored to be part of this review article (I’m author 76 of 157 authors!) published in PNAS this week. This review article, which utilized data collected from 132 studies from 31 countries worldwide, showed that natural habitat surrounding crop habitat may not consistently provide increased biocontrol of crop pests.  Click here for UC Davis press release.

July 29, 2018: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program applications are due in October 22 for Life Science.  Students interested in putting together an application to work in my lab should contact me in early fall.

July 24, 2018: Tania will be heading to New Orleans for the 103rd Annual Ecological Society of America meeting (#ESA2018). Students interested in joining my lab should contact me and we can meet up for coffee!

July 1, 2018: The Kim lab moved to Kansas State University!